Pire Teu in the Native Society of Dai Mau Enga Nanga Aewora Ende Regency

Wula, Zainur Pire Teu in the Native Society of Dai Mau Enga Nanga Aewora Ende Regency. International Journal of Innovation, Creativity and Change.

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This study aimed to understand the pire teu culture in the native society of dai mau enga nanga in Aewora, Ende Regency. The study was qualitative and data were collected through observation and indepth interviews with snowball sampling to obtain appropriate informants. Pire teu (abstinence/taboo from rats) is one of the cultures in native society of mau enga nanga which becomes one of the rituals prior to the growing season and started with the jengi soko ceremony (burning green weeds) and pire teu. Pire teu is conducted in 3 consecutive days, the first day is called pire teu (abstinence from the whole body of rat), the second day is called pire ngii teu (abstinence from rat teeth), and the third day is called pire tai teu (abstinence from rat droppings). The customary sanctions imposed to those who violate the rules of the first day pire teu are adjusted to the religions and beliefs, for Catholics, the fine for the first day violation is two (2) pigs weighing two people who carried it (bei rua), while for Muslims, it is goats weighing two people who carried it (bei rua). The second and third penalties for the offender, who is catholic, is one pig weighing one person who carried it (sabei) and for a muslim one goat weighing one person who carried it (sabei). The bill of pire teu is not only about restraint, prohibition, and sanctions imposed by violators, but it also has religious-magical value and spirituality in maintaining close relationships between humans, their environment and Almighty God, and the fear of the community that they will get the damage if violating the rules, either failure in harvesting crops, crops damaged by rats, or even death.

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